Unveiling Innovations at CES 2024: From AI to EVs and Beyond


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Unveiling Innovations at CES 2024: From AI to EVs and Beyond

CES 2024 is unveiling some groundbreaking innovations in the world of technology! From AI to EVs and beyond, there's so much to talk about. Let's dive in!

  • Devin explains that the $200 rabbit r1 simplifies tasks like ordering a car, finding places to eat, or searching for lodging. Instead of using your phone, just pull out the r1 and give it a natural language command.

    Rabbit R1

  • Fox has teamed up with Polygon Labs Polygon Labs to tackle deepfakes. They've launched an open-source protocol called 'Verify' for media companies to register their content.

Polygon Labs

  • NVIDIA is expanding its partnership with Getty Images They're launching a new service for iStock customers, creating licensable images trained on the existing iStock photo library.

  • Hyundai's new spinoff, MOBINN INC , is at CES showcasing its new delivery robot. It can navigate stairs and elevation changes, with tests already being conducted in Korea.


  • Vivoo is offering a new at-home test that detects urinary tract infections. This broadens their range of home-based medical tests.

  • Tack One, a Singapore-based startup, revealed the new generation of its Tack GPS Plus, an AI-powered location tech device. It's designed to keep your loved ones and pets safe.

Tack One

  • Amazon is rolling out new tools for building large language model-powered experiences. This follows their funding announcement in September.

  • Indian startup Ultrahuman is launching connected hardware to monitor your home's "health". A new player in the smart home game!


  • Mercedes-AMG and will.i.am are launching an immersive MBUX SOUND DRIVE experience at CES 2024. A new way to experience sound in your vehicle!

  • Samsung Electronics unveiled a wireless transparent OLED TV, touted as the "world's first". They also revealed a "Transparent MICRO LED" display.


  • NVIDIA is making a big move in AI with its GeForce RTX, including the GeForce RTX 40 Super series of desktop graphics cards.

GeForce RTX 40

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