Expands Horizons: Now Accessible in 95 Countries Worldwide Expands Horizons: Now Accessible in 95 Countries Worldwide


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What's Inside

  • expands access to 95 Countries

  • Research: 'Table-GPT' for Diverse Table Tasks

  • ChatGPT Vs General Physicians in Identifying Depressions

  • Learn: How to use Git with Hugging Face

  • GITEX 2023 - Largest Tech Show Expands Horizons: Now Accessible in 95 Countries Worldwide


In the wake of its inaugural release in July, Anthropic has extended the availability of to a global user base, spanning 95 countries. This vast expansion has turned into a daily utility for millions, it's broad memory, 100K token context window, and file upload feature being a cornerstone for varied applications. Whether it’s data scrutiny, enhancing writing quality, or interactive engagement with academic texts and research papers, has displayed its utility unequivocally.

The global rollout comes with two tiers of service – a complimentary version and an upgraded Claude Pro. Opting for Claude Pro avails a fivefold increase in usage limit compared to the free tier, coupled with priority access during peak times and a first look at new features. This model is engineered to optimize user productivity, providing a more robust platform for professional and personal tasks alike.

For a comprehensive list of the supported countries and to explore further, the official documentation on Anthropic’s website:

Research: 'Table-GPT' for Diverse Table Tasks

  • Modern language models have transformed the way we interact with machines, yet they often stumble when faced with relational tables.

  • Recognizing this gap, excited to unveil our innovative "table-tuning" paradigm. This approach refines models like GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT by training them on diverse tasks derived from real tables.

  • Preliminary results are promising: our Table-GPT models not only surpass their predecessors in handling table tasks but also display impressive adaptability to new challenges. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into this game-changing advancement!

    ArXiv Paper:

ChatGPT Vs General Physicians in Identifying Depressions


  • A recent study published in "Fam Med Com Health" by Inbar Levkovich and Zohar Elyoseph aimed to compare the evaluations of depressive episodes and suggested treatment protocols generated by the AI models ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 with the recommendations of primary care physicians.

  • For mild depression, ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 recommended psychotherapy in 95.0% and 97.5% of cases, respectively, while primary care physicians suggested it in only 4.3% of cases.

In severe cases, ChatGPT favoured a combined approach of psychotherapy, whereas primary care physicians opted for a mix of treatments. ChatGPT showed a strong preference for the exclusive use of antidepressants, while primary care physicians recommended a mix of antidepressants and anxiolytics/hypnotics.

Learn: How to use Git with Hugging face

Git integration is a crucial part of working on projects with Hugging Face, and with recent changes in authentication methods, it's important to understand how to use Git seamlessly with the platform. This guide will take you through the entire process, from cloning a repository to committing changes and pushing them, all while ensuring proper access token verification. Link

GITEX 2023: Largest Tech Show

GITEX is the largest tech and startup show globally, took place between October 16 and 20, spanning two major venues in Dubai: the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Expand North Star at Dubai Harbour​​. This year marked the 43rd edition of the grand event, featuring a host of themes and activities catering to a wide spectrum of tech enthusiasts and professionals.

The key themes of GITEX 2023 encapsulated the breadth of the tech world, with focus areas including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Telecoms, Cybersecurity, Future Mobility, Coders/Developers, Metaverse, YouthX, Sustainability, and the CTO World Congress.

Register here : Link

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