How does Coca-Cola use AI to create its latest beverage

How does Coca-Cola use AI to create its latest beverage outperforms NVIDIA in MLPerf benchmark


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  • How does Coca-Cola use AI to create its latest beverage

  • AI Company Launches Stable Audio

  • surpasses NVIDIA in MLPerf

  • Google Adds New AI Tool to Help Maximize Video Ad Performance

  • Salesforce introduces Einstein AI platform

How does Coca-Cola use AI to create its latest beverage

AI Coke

  • AI hype reaches Coca-Cola with new Y3000 flavour “co-created with AI”

  • Coca-Cola has taken a fizzy leap into the future of AI hype with the release of Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, a "limited-edition" beverage reportedly co-created with artificial intelligence.

  • Coca-Cola says that the zero-sugar version of the new AI-augmented soda will be available for a limited time in "select markets" including the United States, Canada, China, Europe, and Africa.

AI Company Launches Stable Audio

  • Stability AI recently raised $25 million through a convertible note.

  • To train Stable Audio, Stability AI partnered with the commercial music library AudioSparx, which supplied a collection of songs — around 800,0000 in total — from its catalogue of largely independent artists.

  • Stability’s deal with AudioSparx covers revenue sharing between the two companies, with AudioSparx letting musicians on the platform share in the profits generated by Stable Audio if they opt to participate in the initial training or decide to help train future versions of Stable Audio. surpasses NVIDIA in MLPerf

MLPerf Benchmark, a machine learning company providing solutions for the embedded edge, announced the results of its second MLPerf submission. It outperformed the industry's machine learning leader, NVIDIA's Orin NX and AGX Orin, in the Closed Edge power category of the MLCommons MLPerf 3.1 benchmark. took part in the MLPerf Inference 3.1 Closed Edge Power category of the benchmarking process, concentrating on the image classification benchmark ResNet50.

Assuming it is the software that enables or prevents the adoption of a new AI chip, a reasonable assumption, SiMa has created a new tool called Palette Edgematic to simplify AI solution creation greatly.

Google Adds New AI Tool to Help Maximize Video Ad Performance

“Creative Guidance”, the new option, built into the Google Ads platform, will assess your videos, and provide feedback on how to improve performance, based on Google’s best practices and requirements.

Google comments: "If you are missing a creative best practice, Creative guidance in Google Ads provides specific recommendations to help improve the effectiveness and performance of your video ad." Source

Salesforce introduces Einstein AI platform

Einstein AI

Einstein Copilot Studio consists of three elements: prompt builder, skills builder and model builder, according to Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI.

Built to be low-code and open to all, Salesforce says Einstein 1, which also integrates its Data Cloud, is grounded in the company's broad metadata framework, able to bring together data from the likes of Slack, Tableau and Mulesoft, as well as integrations with the likes of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

AI Scoop

Usage.AI Raises $9M in Funding

  • The company intends to use the funds to expand its product roadmap and ship new features and products.

  • It provides a savings platform that includes multiple modules covering a customer’s computing and database services, allowing organizations to consolidate their cloud savings program into a single solution.

Site Technologies Secures $10M from Series A

  • Site Technologies, a Chicago, IL-based innovator in asset management and data analytics technology utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced imagery capturing technologies, closed a $10m Series A funding round.

  • The round was led by Prologis Ventures, the investment arm for Prologis, along with technology investors DivcoWest Ventures and Protagonist.

Druid, an AI platform for enterprises that integrates with ChatGPT, raises $30 million

The company that wants to automate customer support 24/7 when human personnel might be offline or to fill a staff gap, can tap into Druid’s platform to train a conversational assistant for whatever their use-case.

Tech companies join White House AI pledge

  • The Biden-Harris administration boasted it had secured voluntary commitments from Adobe, Cohere, IBM, Nvidia, Palantir, Salesforce, Scale AI, and Stability AI to develop machine-learning software and models in a safe, secure, and trustworthy way.

  • Eight big names in tech, including Nvidia, Palantir, and Adobe, have agreed to red-team their AI applications before they're released and prioritize research that will make their systems more trustworthy, the White House tells us.

Google Faces Antitrust Trial

  • The Google case is the first to reach trial of a raft of government antitrust lawsuits launched against major tech companies after the Trump administration and state attorneys general stepped up enforcement and coordination in 2019.

  • Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, a co-lead in the case against Google that begins September 12, says the company has been able to load up on distracting ads because the search giant faces no real competition.

Zenity secures $16.5 million

  • Israeli security governance platform startup Zenity raises $16.5M

  • Israeli security governance platform for low-code/no-code applications startup Zenity Ltd. announced today that it had raised $16.5 million in new funding in a Series A round led by Intel Capital Corp. to accelerate growth and increase its headcount

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