Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot


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Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot

What's Inside

  • Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot & Bing Chat Enterprise

  • Amazon brings AI features to Alexa

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities with OCI Vision in Oracle APEX

  • Scientists successfully maneuver robots through living lung tissue

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft Copilot commercial SKU line-up

  • Microsoft Copilot in Windows will feature the new Copilot icon, the new Copilot user experience, and Bing Chat, and will be available to commercial customers for free.

  • Bing Chat Enterprise builds on Microsoft Copilot and adds commercial data protection

  • The Windows 11 update introduces 150+ new features, including Copilot and AI capabilities for apps like Paint, Photos, and Clipchamp.

  • Bing will integrate OpenAI's DALL.E 3, provide personalized answers, introduce AI shopping, and enhance Bing Chat Enterprise for mobile and visual use.

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot will be generally available for enterprise customers on Nov. 1, 2023, along with Microsoft 365 Chat, a new AI assistant that will completely transform the way you work.

Amazon brings AI features to Alexa

New Echo

  • Alexa with new Generative AI features, New Echo Devices

  • A new feature called Let’s Cgat mimics the ChatGPT experience by allowing you to have a fluid conversation with Alexa, asking questions about everything from the voice assistant’s football team allegiance to recipes.

  • Nearly a year after ChatGPT introduced the world to the uncannily human possibilities of generative AI, Amazon has unveiled new Alexa features powered by large language models.

Enhanced Search Capabilities with OCI Vision in Oracle APEX

Apex Search Architecture

  • OCI Vision can be used to enhance the Oracle APEX Social Media app for the classification of images.

  • By integrating OCI Vision with Oracle APEX, businesses can tap into the power of visual intelligence, transforming their data analysis capabilities and revolutionizing user experiences. This blog post highlights the immense potential of integrating OCI Vision with Oracle APEX.

Scientists successfully maneuver robots through living lung tissue

  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.

  • Some tumors are extremely small and hide deep within lung tissue, making it difficult for surgeons to reach them.

  • To address this challenge, UNC -Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt University researchers have been working on an extremely bendy but sturdy robot capable of traversing lung tissue.

Poland Investigates ChatGPT's GDPR Compliance

  • A complaint alleges breaches in data processing and transparency.

  • The unique case involves OpenAI, an AI giant located outside the EU.

  • Privacy by design is a key focus of the investigation.

  • Italy and Spain have also probed ChatGPT, with a taskforce studying AI regulation.

  • OpenAI’s new office in Dublin shows its commitment to EU regulatory compliance.

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