Iowa school district bans books based on ChatGPT

Microsoft removes AI-generated article suggesting tourists visit Ottawa Food Bank


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Iowa school district bans books based on ChatGPT

AI Conferences

UK Plans for a Global AI Safety Summit

UK AI Summit

  • The UK plans a global AI safety summit in November, aiming for leadership in AI technology.

  • The summit's location is Bletchley Park, historically significant for WWII code-breaking.

  • The summit aims to address AI risks, promote collaboration among countries, and create a shared approach.

A Web in Travel (WiT) conference is being held in Singapore in October

WiT Singapore Conference

  • Web in Travel (WiT) has announced its WiT Singapore Conference at Marina Bay Sands from October 2-4, 2023.

  • The conference emphasizes the significant changes in the travel industry and the continuous evolution of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • The program will explore tech trends that both excite and concern travel leaders, the interplay between "human" and machine in travel, and technology/data's role in the green revolution.

OpenAI's Zack Kass will be the opening keynote speaker at the AI Impact Summit, Sept. 27 to 28


  • AI Impact Summit scheduled for Sept. 27-28 features OpenAI's Zack Kass as the opening keynote speaker. Register here

  • Diverse topics to be discussed, including business, marketing, and technology.

  • Exploration of AI's role in building digital trust. Focus on the development of generative AI products.

  • An in-depth conversation with Mutale Nkonde from AI for the People about TikTok Content Moderation Advisory Board.

AI Highlights

  • Iowa school district bans books based on ChatGPT

  • Microsoft removes AI-generated article suggesting tourists visit Ottawa Food Bank

  • MIT researchers use deep learning and physics to fix motion-corrupted MRI scans

Iowa school district bans books based on ChatGPT

Ban Books

  • New law signed by Governor Kim Reynolds aims to protect students from exposure to damaging and obscene materials in school libraries.

  • Senate File 496 mandates "age-appropriate" books devoid of descriptions or depictions of sex acts in school libraries.

  • Administrators rely on machine intelligence due to the challenge of manually reviewing and filtering books within a three-month window.

  • The district's methodology involves compiling lists of commonly challenged books, filtering for sexual content challenges, and using AI software for review.

  • A total of 19 texts will be removed from the 7-12 school library collections based on an AI software review.

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Microsoft removes AI-generated article suggesting tourists visit Ottawa Food Bank

Ottawa Food Bank

  • Microsoft partner OpenAI made waves with LLMs called GPT-3 in 2020 and GPT-4 in 2023, both of which can imitate human writing styles, but which have frequently been used for unsuitable tasks, according to critics.

  • Late last week,'s MicrosoftTravel section posted an AI-generated article about the "cannot miss" attractions of Ottawa that includes the Ottawa Food Bank, a real charitable organization that feeds struggling families.

  • As the #3 destination on the list, Microsoft Travel suggests visiting the Ottawa Food Bank almost as if it were a world-famous restaurant, drawn from otherwise realistic summaries found online but capped with a travel-writer-style filler phrase.

MIT researchers use deep learning and physics to fix motion-corrupted MRI scans

MRI Scan

  • MRI scans offer high-quality soft tissue contrast compared to X-rays or CT scans.

  • Motion sensitivity of MRI leads to image artifacts, risking misdiagnoses and inappropriate treatment.

  • MIT researchers have developed a deep learning model for motion correction in brain MRI.

  • Nalini Singh, a PhD student at the Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health (Jameel Clinic), is the lead author of the paper.

  • Motion is a common issue in MRI, particularly due to its slow imaging speed.

Product Launch

Opera's Aria, the AI assistant for the iOS App

Opera Aria

  • Opera Browser introduces an AI assistant called Aria for iOS users.

  • Aria, previously developed for the web browser, is now integrated into Opera's mobile app.

  • The AI assistant can perform extensive tasks and deliver high-quality results for iPhone and iPad users.

Creators can build game narratives using AI with StoryGames.AI from Buildbox

  • Buildbox wants ordinary creators and aspiring game developers to create the visual narrative games of the future with its new tool StoryGames.AI.

  • It combines generative AI with user-friendly tools to inspire amateurs to create games that are like visual novels, said Jonathan Zweig, CEO of Buildbox, in an interview with GamesBeat.

  • Beyond game development, Story Games from Buildbox serves as a dynamic environment for honing storytelling skills, exploring innovative narratives, and even for educational purposes.

Mercanis Raises $10M in Seed Funding

  • Mercanis, a Berlin-based procurement suite solution, raised $10M in Seed funding.

  • Utilizes data insights and AI for purchasing decisions and interacting with service providers.

  • Focus on product development and further integration of AI within the procurement suite.

  • Uses large language models (LLMs) for contract analysis and autonomous sourcing.

  • Aims to empower procurement through four key areas: Spend Analytics, Sourcing & Request Events (RFx), Supplier Management (SRM), and Contract Management.

  • Partners with global companies like Linde, Wilson, Arcteryx, and Mittelstand players such as weinor, Oventrop, Frutiger.

AI tool can determine whether press releases are newsworthy, according to a firm

  • Zen Media introduces an AI-powered tool called Snooze or News for evaluating the newsworthiness of press releases.

  • The interface uses AI algorithms to analyze press release content comprehensively.

  • Beyond grammatical corrections, Snooze or News provides personalized suggestions for targeting relevant media outlets.

  • Potential future applications include use in publications to assess content newsworthiness and by journalists for press release coverage decisions.

Plume and NOS introduces connectivity solution for small businesses

  • Plume, a WiFi specialist, and Portuguese service provider NOS partner to launch Wi-Fi Pro powered by Plume WorkPass.

  • Wi-Fi Pro offers cloud-based connectivity, productivity, and security services for small business owners (SBOs) to enhance network performance and gain operational insights.

  • Features include optimized connectivity, network control, AI-powered cybersecurity, and real-time operational insights.

AI Financials

WINT raises $35 million Series C funding

  • WINT Water Intelligence, a leader in water management and leak-prevention solutions, concludes a $35 million Series C funding round.

  • The funding will support further growth and innovation in AI- and IoT-based water management solutions.

  • WINT's focus is on managing water and minimizing damage throughout a building's lifespan.

The Sports Analytics Space Gets a $3M Seed Round from SportsVisio

  • Users can record and stream games, access analytics, and create highlights in real-time using smartphones.

  • The platform employs AI and computer vision for statistical analysis and content creation.

  • SportsVisio's first product, SV Hoops, automates stats, analytics, and video highlights for basketball games and is utilized globally.

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