Meta's AI-Driven Ad Creative Tools


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Meta's AI-Driven Ad Creative Tools

What's Inside

  • Meta's AI-Powered Ad Creative Tools

  • Google's Enhanced AI Assistant

  • Canva Unveils AI Tools 'Magic Studio'

Meta's AI-Powered Ad Creative Tools


  • Meta has introduced generative AI-powered features for ad creatives in Ads Manager. These features aim to assist advertisers in creating and optimizing ad campaigns.

  • The global rollout of these features will be completed by next year.

    • Background Generation:

      • Allows advertisers to create multiple complementary backgrounds for their product images.

      • Enhances personalization and engagement.

    • Image Expansion:

      • Adjusts creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across various surfaces.

      • Saves advertisers time and resources.

    • Text Variations:

      • Generates multiple versions of ad texts based on the advertiser’s original copy.

      • Provides multiple options to better reach their target audience.

Google's Enhanced AI Assistant

Google AI Assistant

  • Google introduced Assistant with Bard at the Made by Google event.

  • This AI-enhanced assistant utilizes generative AI for personalized user assistance.

  • It can perform tasks like trip planning, email inbox search, and creating grocery lists.

  • Integrates with Google apps like Gmail and Docs to find and summarize information.

  • Supports interaction through text, voice, and images while retaining key Assistant features.

Canva Unveils AI Tools 'Magic Studio'

  • Canva launches Magic Studio, an AI-powered suite for accessible content creation.

  • Introduces Magic Switch, enabling instant design format transformation without manual adjustments.

  • Offers automatic translation of designs into 100+ languages.

  • Introduces text-to-video capability in Magic Media, powered by Runway AI.

  • New photo editing tools like Magic Grab and Magic Expand enhance editing capabilities.

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