OpenAI DevDay: Design Personalized ChatGPT Models

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OpenAI DevDay: Design Personalized ChatGPT Models

Customized ChatGPT for a specific purpose

Customizing ChatGPT has been in demand, so Custom Instructions were introduced in July. Power users can now automate their carefully crafted prompts and instruction sets with GPTs.

Introducing GPT Store

Create and share GPTs, publicly. The GPT Store launches later this month, featuring verified builders' creations. GPTs will be searchable, ranked, and spotlighted in categories like productivity and education. In the future, earn money based on your GPT's usage.

Privacy & Safety Matters

  • Interactions with ChatGPT are private. Your chats are not shared with developers. If third-party APIs are used, you have control over whether data is sent to them.

  • Customized versions of ChatGPT built by developers may have different privacy settings. You can choose whether your chats with them can be used for model training.

  • New systems are in place to review GPTs for compliance with usage policies. This helps prevent the spread of harmful content, including fraudulent, hateful, or adult themes.

  • GPTs will become more capable over time, potentially taking on real-world tasks. This progression will be approached cautiously to ensure technical and safety considerations are met, and for society to adapt to these advancements.

Developers can connect GPTs to the real world

  • Custom actions allow GPT to interact with external data or perform real-world tasks by connecting to APIs. Examples of actions include accessing travel listings, managing email inboxes, or assisting with online shopping. These capabilities are in addition to the built-in functionalities of GPT.

  • Developers have enhanced control over how their APIs are utilized, based on insights gained from the plugins beta.

  • Transitioning from the plugins beta to using custom actions is made simple, as developers can leverage their existing plugin manifest to define actions for their GPT.

Enterprise customers can deploy internal-only GPTs

Enterprise Customers can now empower users inside your company to design internal-only GPTs without code and securely publish them to your workspace. The admin console lets you choose how GPTs are shared and whether external GPTs may be used inside your business. Like all usage on ChatGPT Enterprise, we do not use your conversations with GPTs to improve our models.

ChatGPT Plus fresher

  • ChatGPT Plus now offers updated information up to April 2023, providing users with the latest and most relevant content. Users no longer need to switch between models; all features and capabilities are conveniently accessible in one place.

  • ChatGPT Plus includes access to DALL路E, allowing users to generate images from textual descriptions. Users can now perform browsing and data analysis tasks directly within ChatGPT without the need for additional tools or platforms.

  • Additionally, ChatGPT Plus enables users to attach files, allowing for PDFs and other document types to be searched and utilized.

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