Revolutionizing Reading: Google Chrome's AI Summarizes Articles

Plus: OpenAI GPT-4's Breakthrough: Redefining Content Moderation


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Revolutionizing Reading: Google Chrome's AI Summarizes Articles


  • Revolutionizing Reading: Google Chrome's AI Summarizes Articles

  • OpenAI GPT-4's Breakthrough: Redefining Content Moderation

  • Introduction of Amazon Bedrock service for accessible FMs through API

  • Text to Sticker: WhatsApp's AI Wizardry Unleashed

Revolutionizing Reading: Chrome's AI Summarizes Articles

  • New generative AI capabilities in Search

  • Google launches AI-powered Search experience (SGE)

  • Definitions within AI-generated responses

  • A better understanding of coding information in AI overviews

  • Easier learning using generative AI while browsing the web

OpenAI GPT-4's Breakthrough: Redefining Content Moderation

  • OpenAI develops GPT-4 for content moderation - lightens burden on human moderation teams - link

  • GPT-4 prompted with policy for moderation judgements & Test set of content examples created for evaluation

  • The process reduces the time for new policy implementation to hours

  • OpenAI's approach differs from rigid methods like Anthropic's

  • AI-powered moderation tools are not new. Google's Perspective launched years ago.

  • Startups offering automated moderation: Spectrum Labs, Cinder, Hive, Oterlu

Introduction of Amazon Bedrock service for accessible FMs through API

  • Amazon introduces the "Bedrock" service for easy access to FMs (Few-shot Models) from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Stability AI, and Amazon through an API.

  • Bedrock simplifies building and scaling generative AI applications, democratizing access.

  • Offers powerful FMs for text and images, including Amazon's Titan FMs, via AWS-managed service.

  • Customers can find, customize, integrate, and deploy models without managing infrastructure.

Cutting-edge FMs available, such as Jurassic-2 multilingual LLMs, Claude for conversational tasks, and Stability AI's text-to-image models.

Text to Sticker: WhatsApp's AI Wizardry Unleashed

  • WhatsApp testing AI-generated stickers

  • Similar to Midjoureny or OpenAI's DALL-E models

  • Generates images based on text alone

  • Allows creation of basic, personalized images

  • Shareable as stickers with WhatsApp friends or groups

AI Research

LiteLLM - A streamlined library for standardizing OpenAI, Cohere, Azure, Anthropic, Llama2, and LLM Input/Output

light package to simplify calling OpenAI, Azure, Cohere, Anthropic, Huggingface API Endpoints. It manages:

  • Translating inputs to the provider's completion and embedding endpoints

  • Guarantees consistent output, text responses will always be available at ['choices'][0]['message']['content']

  • Exception mapping - common exceptions across providers are mapped to the OpenAI exception types

Revolutionizing Edge AI: Kneron's KL730 NPU Breakthrough

  • Qualcomm-backed Kneron introduces breakthrough KL730 NPU chip for edge AI.

  • KL730 chip features an integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP) for secure and energy-efficient AI. Applications include enterprise-edge servers, smart home appliances, and advanced driving assistance systems.

  • Kneron previously launched a KL530 edge AI chip supporting transformer neural networks.

  • Companies like Toyota, Quanta, Hanwha, and Dessmann rely on Kneron's expertise for tech advancements.

Using Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Auto Industry: Design, Engineering, Production, and Sales

  • Smart factories' adoption of Omniverse and generative AI APIs

  • Connection of design and engineering tools for digital twins

  • Utilization of NVIDIA AI and Omniverse Cloud

  • Development of unified 3D workflows and OpenUSD applications

  • Enhanced capabilities for automotive OEMs & more efficient creation of personalized visual content

Product Launches

Based on 5 years of proprietary data, Dialpad launches generative AI

  • Dialpad announces the launch of DialpadGPT

  • First LLM designed for customer service, sales, and recruiting

  • Automates tasks like summarizing sales, customer service, and team activities

  • Dialpad acquired TalkIQ, an enterprise AI leader in conversational data, in early 2018

Marqeta Unveils First Generative AI Investments

  • Marqeta unveils Marqeta Docs AI - AI-powered external-facing Q&A tool

  • Early test results from the internal code generation tool

  • Reduced coding and testing tasks time by up to 75%

  • Easier integration with APIs and embedding payment solutions

  • Generates new revenue streams and increases customer loyalty

  • Opens the door for additional tools to reduce time to value and increase the speed of results


Symmetry Systems raises $17.7 million to enhance its AI-driven data security platform

  • Symmetry Systems secures $17.7 million funding for Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) platform.

  • Notable investors include ForgePoint Capital, Prefix Capital, W11 Capital Management, and TSG.

  • DSPM offers vigilant monitoring, exposure risk mitigation, and compliance audits.

  • AI integration focus with LLM-based natural language interface introduction.

  • Symmetry DataGuard stands out for meticulous data object and identity scrutiny.

  • Symmetry Systems received $3 million in 2020 and $15 million in 2021.

$15 million is raised by Voiceflow, a platform for building conversational AI experiences

  • Launched in 2019 by a Toronto-based trio. Initially built apps for Amazon Alexa.

  • Competitors: Google-owned Dialogflow, IBM Watson, AWS Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework, Quiq, Yellow Messenger, Rasa, Level AI

  • Competing startups raised over $100 million collectively

  • Voiceflow has 450 customers, including Amazon, JP Morgan, The Home Depot, State Farm, Vodafone, and an unnamed government agency

  • Approximately 130,000 users on the platform

Clari's acquisition of Groove for enhancing sales engagement and revenue process

  • Clari acquires Groove to enhance sales engagement capabilities and integrate with Revenue Platform.

  • Expanded Clari capabilities offer predictions, insights, playbooks, and full revenue workflow execution.

  • CEOs can achieve revenue visibility, predictability, and control through the integration.

  • Groove's pipeline creation and conversion strengths complement Clari's Revenue Platform.

Cash Rain Alert: Persefoni's Climate Quest Gets $50m Boost

  • Funding round led by TPG Rise - Persefoni secures $50 million in Series C-1 funding

  • Offers climate management and accounting platform (CMAP) for financial institutions and businesses

  • Other participants: Alumni Ventures, Bain & Co., Clearvision Ventures, EDF, ENEOS Innovation Partners, NGP Energy Technology Partners, Parkway Ventures, Prelude Ventures, Rice Investment Group

  • Current partners: Workiva, Deloitte, ERM, Bain & Co.

AI Table Talks ๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ

Pinterest's Senior VP Jeremy King on images and inspiration with artificial intelligence

Covariant Co-founder Peter Chen: A Conversation on AI Robotics

  • 2023: pivotal year, "ChatGPT moment" for robotics

  • Covariant Brain's AI-powered robots ready for extensive scaling

  • Diverse industries to be impacted

  • Rapid growth and transformative impact expected

  • Marks culmination of AI Robotics journey

AI in Show Business

Writers are being offered AI and metrics as part of studio proposals

  • Studios may provide writers with viewership metrics for streaming content

  • Showrunners could gain more authority over production staffing size

  • Stricter regulation of AI technology usage proposed. Full details of the proposal not disclosed

  • New offer from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers to the Writers Guild of America


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