Unmasking FraudGPT: A Dark Web Threat in the Age of AI

AI's crucial role: researchers celebrate advancements in monitoring UK wildlife


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Unmasking FraudGPT: A Dark Web Threat in the Age of AI

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🐛Understanding FraudGPT: What Is It?

FraudGPT is a dark web product resembling ChatGPT, designed to facilitate cyberattacks without built-in controls. Identified by Netenrich in July 2023, it is updated frequently and offers subscription-based pricing at $200 monthly or $1,700 annually.

Netenrich tested it and found that users can easily generate phishing emails and scam landing pages. The seller is linked to hacker-for-hire services and another tool called WormGPT. link

🦊AI's crucial role: researchers celebrate advancements in monitoring UK wildlife

Scientists have developed AI-powered cameras and microphones to identify and track animals and birds in the wild. This technology can assist in addressing the growing problem of biodiversity loss in the UK.

“The crucial point is the scale of the operation,” said Anthony Dancer, a conservation specialist at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). “We have captured tens of thousands of data files and thousands of hours of audio from these test sites and identified all sorts of animals from them. We couldn’t have done it at that scale using human observers. Only AI made it possible.” link

🧑‍🏫Professors are using paper tests and written essays to stop students from cheating with ChatGPT

As summer break comes to a close, some college professors are now searching for ways to fight the use of generative AI, making their exams "ChatGPT-proof," Fortune reported. Concerned professors told Insider they plan to go back to handwritten assignments and oral exams to avoid the use of generative AI. link

🚀Business Expos:

Modular, AI Startup Challenging Nvidia, Discusses Funding at $600 Million Valuation:

  • Modular: AI startup founded by Google and Apple alumni

  • Challenging Nvidia's AI chip market dominance

  • In discussions with investors, including General Catalyst

  • Seeking Series A funding

  • Potential valuation: $600 million

  • Founded less than two years ago

  • Launched flagship software product three months ago

Cubix Asset Management Launches AI Chatbot & Call Center:

  • CUBIX with 80 years of expertise

  • Managing 38 properties with over 23,000 storage units

  • Introduced Advanced AI chatbot and call center services

  • To enhance customer support and revenue optimization.

  • Swivl chatbot offers 24/7 assistance through AI-powered interactions, while the new call center modernizes user experience, as expressed by CEO Mason Levy.

11xAI secures a $2M pre-seed round to develop autonomous AI workers:

  • The startup develops automated digital workers as an alternative to human employees

  • Already created an AI sales development representative named Alice

  • In the coming years, 11xAI plans to introduce James, focused on automated talent acquisition, and Bob, targeting automated human resources work.

🗫 Gossip about AI:

AI.com Sparks Conversation: Twitter Suspends Account Amid Domain Controversy

  • In an unprecedented confluence of events, the Twitter account of the Ethereum token $AI, associated with the groundbreaking AI.com (ại.com) project, was suspended during a live spaces session

  • Coinciding with tech luminary Elon Musk’s jaw-dropping acquisition of the ai.com domain for a staggering 10 million USD.

  • Integrating the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Ethereum blockchain, AI.com Token is ushering in an era of uncharted possibilities and groundbreaking applications. link

Conversation with Microsoft Azure AI VP

They were working with the technology from their Nuance (the company) acquisition to develop tools to assist in healthcare diagnosis and automation, and they had gotten the frequency of the model hallucinating down to 1-0.5% of the time, and the remaining major obstacles have to do with liability. link Credit: Kaelthaas

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