Unveiling ChatGPT Enterprise

DeepMind collaborates with Google Cloud for AI-generated image watermarking


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Unveiling ChatGPT Enterprise

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What's Inside

  • Unveiling ChatGPT Enterprise

  • Google's Duet AI Assistant

  • DeepMind collaborates with Google Cloud for AI-generated image watermarking

  • NVIDIA Keynote Points Way to Further AI Advances

Unveiling ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT Enterprise

  • Enterprise-grade security & privacy and the most powerful version of ChatGPT yet

  • Protect your Company's Data

  • Scalable Deployment Tools

  • Fast, Uncapped GPT-4. Source

Google's Duet AI Assistant

  • Google announced the launch of its Duet AI assistant across its Workspace apps, including Docs, Gmail, Drive, Slides, and more

  • It is now available to paid Google Workspace business users (what Google calls its suite of cloud productivity apps) for $30 a month in addition to regular Workspace fees. Source

DeepMind collaborates with Google Cloud for AI-generated image watermarking

  • Google Deepmind, in partnership with Google Cloud, is launching a tool named SynthID.

  • SynthID is designed for watermarking and identifying AI-generated images.

  • The tool is focused on images generated by Google's own image-generating model.

  • It embeds a digital watermark into image pixels, not easily noticeable by humans but detectable by algorithms.

  • It specifically supports Imagen, Google's text-to-image model, which is exclusively accessible in Vertex AI.

NVIDIA Keynote Points Way to Further AI Advances

NVIDIA's chief scientist, Bill Dally, highlighted how hardware advancements are driving generative AI and discussed upcoming techniques to enhance machine learning at the Hot Chips event. He emphasized the significant progress enabled by AI hardware but noted its limitations. Dally showcased the impact of GPUs on AI inference, exemplified by ChatGPT's outline suggestion. He also previewed a test chip achieving impressive energy efficiency in accelerating transformer models for generative AI through techniques like four-bit arithmetic. Source

More Scoops

Google, Amazon, Nvidia, and others put $235 million into Hugging Face

  • Hugging Face, which acts like GitHub for machine learning and other AI models, codes, and datasets, raised $235 million in a Series D fundraising round

  • Amazon’s AWS and Hugging Face partnered to make AWS Cloud Hugging Face’s preferred cloud provider.

  • This latest financing brings Hugging Face’s valuation to $4.5 billion, just one of the many businesses benefitting from investors’ interest in generative AI. Source

Google Cloud and NVIDIA Take Collaboration to the Next Level

Google Cloud has introduced A3 instances, featuring NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, to address the soaring computational demands of generative AI and large language models (LLMs). These GPUs boast a specialized Transformer Engine that significantly enhances AI application performance.

Notably, NVIDIA has been honored as Google Cloud’s Generative AI Partner of the Year, reflecting their collaborative efforts in optimizing generative AI deployment on the platform. This partnership encompasses infrastructure design and comprehensive software support, streamlining AI application development and deployment on Google Cloud. Source

SayTap: Language to quadrupedal locomotion

Enabling effective communication between humans and quadrupedal robots holds promise for advanced helper robots. Recent progress in large language models (LLMs) has shown potential for high-level planning, yet challenges persist in translating low-level commands for unstable legged robots. A novel approach called "SayTap" bridges this gap by using foot contact patterns as an interface, facilitating natural language commands to control robot movements. This innovation empowers users to effortlessly instruct the robot for various locomotion behaviors. The SayTap system demonstrates the capability to achieve diverse locomotion patterns, contributing to the evolution of interactive and adaptable robot technologies. Source

Gannett pauses AI sports bot

After being dragged on social media for its hilariously bad AI-generated high school football reporting, the Columbus Dispatch and its owner Gannett announced they are pausing their local AI sportswriting initiative.

AI Launches & Financials

  • Google unveils enterprise AI tools, a new AI chip - made public a new version of its custom-built AI chips, unveiled an enterprise-scale tool to watermark and identify images generated with AI - plus tools for security and its office suite.

  • AI startup Intenseye secures substantial funding, tripling its valuation to around $300 million

  • Discovery Education to acquire Dreambox learning

  • Snapchat expands into generative AI - Lets Users Create Gen AI Fantastical Selfies With 'Dreams' Feature. Source

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